All of our products are eco-friendly and sustainable


About Us

Meet the owner 

Hi I'm Amanda, Mum of 3 with a love of everything digital. We were a family of Worldschoolers who travelled the global until Covid hit. Having returned to the UK during the first lockdown, I decided there was never a better time to be focused and go after my dreams. 

SaffronDesignGB was started on Etsy in January 2021 I wanted to spread a message through our designs of positivity and empowerment. Whilst being kind to our planet. 

Taking Care of our planet

Whilst we were travelling around the world we witness some of 

the distruction happening to our Planet. As a mother with 3 children

I feel passionate about climate change and being kind to our planet.

All of the products we create at SaffronDesignGB are Eco-friendly and 

sustainable. All of our packaging is plastic free. We work hard to be as 

ethical as possible and create products with little waste. 

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